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i'm vic carter. >> and i'm denise koch. >> winter weather on the way. parts of baltimore are in for a slippery commute, but not as bad as a little up north where they'll have a full-blown blizzard. let's check in with meteorologist bob turk. bob? >> north of maryland, we have a winter weather advisory. why? because we have moisture headed our way. temperatures are marginal, but
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it may just be cold enough for a period of snow, sleet, and freezing rain. the bulk of the snow will be from jersey to the poconos. blizzard warnings out for new york, all the way through connecticut into southern portions of maine. i'll have details of the warm- up headed our way once this storm passings our region coming up. the man hunt continues for the killer who stabbed a teenager to death during the raven's victory parade. mike helgren has the critical clues and the latest from city homicide detectives. >> reporter: police released images showing the brutal attack on deante smith. they believe the images show
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the teen responsible for the attack. wjz was there as family members came to the victim's mother's home to comfort her. the victim's uncle remembers him as a young man. >> it's a sensitive time for my family and the baltimore police department. >> reporter: police tell wjz it started as a fight and everyone involved was a teenager. >> we believe the suspect and teenager had some type of prior disturbance dispute. >> a young person has lost their life. it is tragic. >> reporter: a wjz viewer sent this picture to the station, saying some of these people could have been involved. homicide investigators are looking into it. >> we haven't completed
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arrangements for his final resting place. >> reporter: most of those new pictures come from if i city watch cameras. if you have a tip, you can remain anonymous. >> the young victim attended patterson high school. another incident during tuesday's celebration is forcing the ravens to make a change in policy. they will issue tickets to all events, even when they are free. they want to eliminate scenes like this one at m & t bank stadium, where an 11-year-old was trampled and suffered a concussion. a navy reservist and lapd officer was fired from the force in 2008 for making false statements on his facebook page, he mentions 11 people targeted for respreng his car was found on fire at a ski
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resort. police are searching door to door in that area. 5 baltimore firefighters trapped and injured in a massive lumber fire. three nights later, they are still recovering. now for the first time we're getting an inside look at how emergency crews responded. megan mccorchall has details. megan? >> reporter: the police department has released 191 tames and emergency -- 911 tapes and emergency radio correspondence as they tried to december rest cue people in that building. >> a fire on pennsylvania and franklin street. >> reporter: as an inferno rages at west lumber, calls pour into 911. the smoke is seen for miles. >> engine 6, engine 36, rescue 1, medic 1. >> reporter: more than 103
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firefighters rushed to combat the flames, but the building became unstable. >> evacuate the building at this time. >> reporter: seconds later, another warning. >> evacuate the building, evacuate the building. >> reporter: for 5 firefighters, it's too late. the walls came down around them. >> they said, my buddy's in there. >> reporter: wjz was there as the trapped rescue workers were pulled out. >> reporter: all 5 have now been treated and released from the hospital. >> reporter: cleanups are underway as fire investigators try to determine what caused this building to group in flames. >> fire investigators say they may never know the cause of the fire because of the extent of the damage. >> the penn lumber property has now been condemned.
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a chain reaction crash snarls traffic during the morning rush. skychopper 13 was over the scene. two people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. a health scare on campus. a student at the university of maryland was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis. >> reporter: the student was rushed to the emergency room. today, it's confirmed that person has meningitis. >> reporter: news that a student has a case of bacterial meningitis spread quickly on the campus of loyola university. >> i looked at the e-mail in class. it seems like the class has it under control. >> reporter: the school issued a statement declining to comment further. health officials did talk. >> if you are a loyola student
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and think you have had contact with the person, in that situation, i would recommend contacting your doctor. >> reporter: at least one person we spoke with on campus tells us he's not worried, but he is taking precautions. >> i try to wash my hands every time i go to my dorm room, every time before i eat. >> reporter: meningitis is spread by close contact with an infected person. symptoms include headaches, vomiting, chills, a stiff neck, and rashes. >> it would help to know. >> reporter: meningitis can be deadly. if untreated, understand -- can be deadly if untreated, but we understand the infected student is in serious but stable condition and expected to recover. the public service commission needs to sign off on
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a surcharge to improve insphra structure. baltimore football fans are hoping for a repeat. mark viviano is live with more from the ravens' top brass. >> reporter: the ravens had 10 hours of big management meetings. back to the drawing board to attempt to draw up another companionship >> reporter: team president dick cash, head coach john harbaugh, and steve b scrurks otti joined by a special guest, the lom bar i do ditrophy. they've had days to bask in their super bowl victory, but can they do it again? that's the goal, but harbaugh says the word repeat means
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nothing. >> it's not boxing. they don't give you a belt. we were the 2012 champions. >> we're are going try to build a consistent winner. we have this one in the bank. like john said, you can never take it away from us. i'm proud for baltimore, for everybody that gets to bask in there. >> reporter: and now ravens fans clamor for souvenirs of super bowl success. purple is most popular. commemorative magazines leased thursday in high demand. >> everybody has a smile on their face. they can't get enough between the magazines and the shirts and the books. it really only happens once every 10, 12 years. >> reporter: fans and the team know the big rush is a new
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contract for gm ozzy newsome. coach harbaugh will appear tonight on the late show with david letterman. harbaugh talks about his super bowl victory over his brother jim. >> have you spoken to him since? >> i have not. we have not had a conversation. we will. soon. >> you can see the rest of the interview live on letterman after eyewitness news. how one of the largest pot busts in the country was found. >> and shocking party invitations surface at a prestigious university. >> a touch of winter on the way. how long will it last? i'm bob turk. ville the complete forecast
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coming up. >> also ahead, a terrible accident, several children hit. the man driving one of the boats, a powerful maryland politician. the drinking, the accident, the lessons learned. >> i make mistakes just like everybody else. >> next.
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it is cloudy and 34 degrees in central maryland right now. the complete forecast is coming up. a melee breaks out at a cell phone store in brooklyn as employees fight against a robbery suspect. one of the workers said he recognized the suspect from a
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video from a previous robbery at the same store. some miss officers are being disciplined after not responding to emergency calls. 3 have been fire sod far. a duke university fraternity has within suspended over an asian-themed party. the invitation mocked people with asian accents. the inindustriations called guests dressed in sumo costumes. the fraternity's national office says it is investigating. president obama's nominee for cia director faced some
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harsh crit sitand that actually had some people cleared from the room. public humiliation and a fresh start. a drunken boating accident forces prominent state senator don dwyer to admit he is an alcoholic. he told mary bubal ark how that changed his life. >> 20, 29 people in the water. >> reporter: a violent collision, two speedboats slam into each other. >> i had blood under my fingernails. >> reporter: randy harvin and his grandchildren suffer serious injuries. state delegate don dwyer at the helm of the other boat. police say dwyer is going full throttle, out of control, and destruction. >> reporter: when r you an
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alcoholic? >> when you get to the point where i am struggling like i was and using alcohol like i was, clearly i had a problem that needed to be addressed. >> reporter: delegate dwyer opens up at his drinking. the blood alcohol level was 3 times the legal limit that august night. >> it's true i was drinking while operate this boat yesterday. >> reporter: it's a wake-up call for dwyer who regularly goes to aa meetings to say this. >> i'm don dwyer, i'm an alcoholic, and i am here to discuss my situation. >> reporter: he has not been expelled from the gel assembly since the charges against him are misdemeanors. >> reporter: do you feel i u should be in this office? >> did i deserve to make a
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mistake? absolutely. do i think everyone deserves a second chance? i think so. fortunately, no one was killed. >> reporter: do you think politicians should be held to higher standards? >> most people are not on the news at 6:00. delegate dwyer is. i'm a human being. yes, i'm an elected official, but i'm also a human being. i make mistakes just like everybody else. >> reporter: dwyer goes on trial in may. he faces up to a year in jail and being kicked out of office. >> there's consequences in life for everything. one of the things i realize that s that once you are willing to admit you're an alcoholic, it's not something that goes away. the question is how are you going to deal with it? >> dwyer no longer serves on
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the committee that deals with legislation involving drunk driving and drunk boating. some homeowners called police -- called police and reported someone was banging on their doors. turns out, it was a wild goat. about 6 officers corralled the animal. the mayor of san francisco has sent our bhai your some
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local foods as part of her wager with over the win over the super bowl. we have an inconvenience for people in the morning hours. it may be a little slick, particularly north of the city. 34 degrees right now, 69% humidity,ed barometer has climbed up a bit. the cold spot is oakland, everybody else above freezing. just south of the city, some light rain. north of the city we have that winter weather advisory in effect until about 10 in the morning. it starts around 4. some of these knot of sit may stay around 32, 33, until about noontime before things warm up. there would could with b extended, light precipitation. just enough to make things slick. as long as the winds continue off the ocean, they will
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continue bringing moisture and just slightly above freezing temperatures. right now over much of new england, temperatures are only in the 20s. this storm causing some rain. it was in the 60s in southern ohio today. right now, the rain and snow activity to the south dwowb see the cloud cover in there. we expect to see it breaking out out sometime in the morning. they've included new york in the blizzard warning. they may get as much as 8 to 10- inches of snow. wind is over 40 miles an hour. that's blizzard conditions. some winter air trying to sneak in. the storm off the coast trying to get down here.
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the main area of low pressure way offshore by later tomorrow night. that's when the blizzard warning will be in new york through connecticut and massachusetts. 37 is the bay temp. north winds around 10 knots. 33, maybe 31 at your house. 44 tomorrow, a little rain in the afternoon and breezy conditions. it might end as snow tomorrow night. 37, windy, and cold. saturday, warming up. sunday and monday, back around 52 and 50. a little shower expected early next week. the ravens go from super bowl to super busy. there is no mass-produced human. so we created the extraordinarily comfortable sleep number experience. a collection of innovations designed around a bed with dualair technology that allows you to adjust to the support
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that's what you used to have... okay. and that's fios. wow, this is crazy fast almost unbelievable. [ male announcer ] that will put some gas in the old tank, lindsey. supercharge your internet speeds. switch to fios and we'll triple your speed for free with an upgrade to fios quantum. living life at quantum speed, call the verizon center for customers with disabilities that's powerful. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. a lot of important work to
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be done in owings mills. mark is here with sports. >> they don't relax, they reload. joe flacco went to disney world, and the rest of the team is also celebrating. the last team that didn't win a super bowl didn't win a playoff game the following year. >> you have to make sure that the excitement of the day doesn't cloud what we promised to build, and that was a consistent winner. >> it's full speed ahead. i think with the people we have in place that are in charge of different areas, we'll be able to move through it very smoothly. >> newsome says he's had unofficial talks with free agent safety ed reid. reid says he wants time to ponder his future before signing a new contract.
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terps trailed virginia tech by 3 at the half. but they charge ahead in the second half off a turnover. nick fousch will finish a dunk. the lead grew to as much as 8 points. virginia tech closed that gap, but des wells finishes it with a dunk. the next two games for the terps are at home in college park. >> great. thank
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a french pianist plays a love song to a unique audience.
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♪ ♪ >> riched kaite -- richard kaiterman hoped playing the theme to chariot of fire would put get the turtles to come out
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